Controversies related to Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is basically an online mobile game which is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Mobile Legends is developed and published by a company Moonton. Mobile Legends was released in the Android platform first and then in the iOS platform. Moonton released Mobile Legends bang bang on 11th of July in the year 2016. The game was later released in iOS platform on 9th of November in the year 2016. Mobile Legends is basically an online multiplayer game which can be played with friends.

Mobile Legends Controversies

The game Mobile Legends Bang Bang has become very much popular in a short period of time because of the feature that it could be played with friends and family. A company called Riot Games who are famous for releasing the game League of Legends filed a lawsuit against Moonton on 11th July 2017 and made claims that there was an infringement of the game map. Riot also tried to contact google play store and apple app store to remove the game from their website but failed.

Now with help of your friends, you will be able to play Mobile Legends Bang bang with new 5 vs 5 real human opponents. In this game, the players have the liberty of choosing their own characters. New characters get unlocked with the commencement of the game. Every character has its own unique set of skills. Now start your 10-minute battle with your favourite heroes whenever you feel bored. To purchase all the heroes you should use a hack fromĀ

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game Play and Controls

The controls of Mobile Legend are very much simple. All the keys are there on the screen and every player will be able to see it. There are direction keys available on the screen along with the moves which will determine the direction of the hero and what move it performs.

The last update of Mobile Legends Bang Bang on the Android platform was on 28th of June 2018. The game is updated on regular basis so that there are no bugs in the game. The size of Mobile Legends on an Android platform is 99MB. There are over 100,000,000 installs from the android play store. The application can be purchased free of cost but there are inapp products which can be purchased. Generally, the inapp purchase costs vary from 79 rs to about 7,900 rs per product in the play store.

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