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Beginners Tips for Clash Royale

Clash Royale has gained a lot of popularity since the time it has been released. The game has bagged awards from Google Play and Apple because it is extremely addictive and entertaining. The beginners do not have an exact idea to form the strategies which will help them to progress in the game. They need to know about the Clash Royale Hacks and tricks. Clash of Clans was a very renowned game, but Clash Royale started overshadowing it. The concept of the game is similar to that of the Clash of Clans. The game features similar characters, troops, Elixir, gold and various other elements. The game has various cards which can be used against the opponents in battles which is exciting and fun. The beginners may find some difficulty in the game, but eventually, they will start finding it easy.

Clash Royale Strategies for the Beginners

The beginners can fight the Prince or the Giants, play good defense, take down the buildings of the enemies, and win battles against the opponents. To excel in the game, the beginners have to go through the tips and strategies so that they can reach higher up into the better Arenas.

Listed below a few of the tips that the beginners can consider:

The most eminent currency of the game Clash Royale is gold. The players do not have the opportunity to farm it like in the game Clash of Clans. In this game, the players have to earn the gold by winning the battles. The players can also earn gold from the daily Chests and the clan Chests. The maximum battles the players win, the additional chests they will be able to unlock. Few chests take around 3 hours for unlocking while others take 12 hours. The player needs to know that the Crown chest gives the maximum amount of gold to them. Gold can be used for upgrading a card to an extremely powerful unit. These units include the Giants, the Skeletons or the Goblins. It is important to upgrade the Troops as the players start progressing, but he should not upgrade everything. The player needs to spend the gold very wisely. Another way to earn gold is to take part in the tournaments and the challenges.

An important thing that the beginner has to remember is to set up his deck. Three kinds of decks are available which can be assembled for a fight. Each troop has a certain number of the elixir cost. The player needs to remember that balance and variety is the key to win against the opponent. The player should mix up the Deck with low and high elixir Troops so that they have various options for any moment. If

everything is costly, then there will be moments when the player has no cards for playing, and he will lose. This is one of the best strategies that a beginner should keep in mind.

The beginners will eventually start mastering the game and reach the better Arenas easily.