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Splinter Cell Conviction Review


The sixth Splinter Cell game, Conviction, is also the one that presents us with what we never wanted to see in the series, Rambo style shootouts that Sam Fisher can perform. I loved the first Splinter Cell games because you could use the shadows and avoid large confrontations with several soldiers which could get you killed instantly. Although Splinter Cell Conviction is still a stealth game in essence, the fact that you can just jump into the action like in a Serious Sam game is not realistic and I don’t like it one bit. I am glad though that I could play the game as an old fashioned stealth game and avoid the guards, finishing most of the missions without too many kills.

The main problem with this game is the presentation. Ubisoft used an older technology for Splinter Cell Conviction and that shows. The used a modified and updated version of the Unreal 2 engine, and even if they tweaked it and optimized it as much as they could, you can still tell that it is not as good as modern games, using modern graphics engines. I am not the adept of graphics over game play and story line, but I thought this issue was worth mentioning for some of you guys.

If you overlook the graphics problem, which I did, you end up with a decent game. Splinter Cell Conviction is not going to be the game of the year, but you can surely appreciate the fact that there are two separate campaigns, one for single player and a different one for co-op. The second one involves a lot of great tactics and co-operative moves with one of your friends, and that adds a lot of value to the package.

The story of the game takes you through many different environments and it shows us how Sam Fisher evolved since the first games of the series. If you are a fan, the game is great, if you never played the other Splinter Cell games, you can start playing now.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Video Game Review

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a fantastic game for any survival horror fan. It is one of the scariest games released. The atmosphere is comparable to Silent Hill and the hiding mechanics are similar to the Clock Tower series.

You play as Daniel, an English archeologist. He discovered a bright blue orb while digging in Africa and now a shadow is following him. After finding a note from his previous self, he is on a mission to kill the baron of the castle.

Game play

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is played from a first person perspective. The game play is innovative and original. Daniel doesn’t use any weapons, so he has to hide in closets or the shadows when he spots an enemy. Doors, trunks, and drawers are opened by moving the mouse, allowing you to partially open doors to peek out while hiding from many monsters. You also have to ability to peek around corners. The controls can be difficult to pick up at first. Daniel has a sanity bar and a health bar that must not be depleted. When sanity gets low he had auditory and visual hallucinations. Sanity can be restored by progressing the story or staying near a light source. You will be afraid of what is around every corner as you play.


The sound plays an important role in the story. It is suggested that you wear headphones while playing to get the full effect. The game is filled with spine chilling sounds as you explore in and around the castle. The screams and creaking sounds are incredibly effective and sets the mood perfectly. Sound is also key in knowing when you are safe. Monsters that are close by will make noises.


Amazing graphics help make a chilling story even scarier. It is filled with frightening monsters and eerie rooms. Shadows play a big role in the game and they are very well done. The graphics can be demanding on older systems. Follow the minimum requirements to ensure smooth playing.

Replay Value

Amnesia has good replay value. You will want to play it again. The game also includes a custom story that can play levels that others have created using building tools.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent retails for $20.00

Overall, it is a great game for a great price. It is a must have for any horror fan. The sound and graphics are great. Amnesia: The Dark Descent has a great story with fun and imaginative game play.